Ayurvedic Oiling & Feeling Refreshed

Growing up at the ashram was an amazing experience. As a young teen into my adult years, I assisted my guru, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati. Under his guidance, I practiced Sanskrit, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy and Pranayama. I was exposed to so many different kinds of healing practices that comprise what is Yoga. My teacher, being a medical doctor, Ayurvedic practitioner, Sanskrit scholar and acupuncturist, taught me about many healing modalities and techniques. One particular modality he shared was oiling. It makes me smile to think of it even now as I write this. Whenever someone came to see him with a problem, he would give suggestions on how to work with the difficulty from a yogic perspective, following his advice up with, “Put some oil on it.” He said it so frequently that it became a running, albeit respectful tender joke between my friends and I. If either of us had any problem we’d look at each other eye to eye, smile and quote our teacher saying “Put some oil on it.” Afterwards we’d erupt in laughter. But who knew that years later once again my guru would be spot on!

After my Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati’s passing, I studied Ayurveda more indepth and I experimented with its oiling practices and what I found was amazing. Oil does have a very positive effect on healing. I did further research for many of life’s modern difficulties, such as stress, arthritis, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, lethargy, thinning hair, graying hair, the list goes on, applying coconut or sesame oil will often give real support to the body. You don’t just put oil on anywhere though for the specifics contact a trained Ayurvedic Doctor.

One thing I can share to have very restful night’s sleep just prior to bed gently rub coconut oil on the soles of your feet, place your feet on a towel and as you sleep, let your feet absorb the oil. Not only will you sleep well, but you’ll wake up feeling energized and refreshed.

Photo by Aaron Burden

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