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In Yoga, you often see the Sanskrit word Śrī placed in front of a respected person’s name. For example, Śrī Brahmānanda Sarasvatī or Śrī Swāmī Satchidānanda. Śrī is pronounced ‘Shrī’ and is an honorific word meaning respected one or illustrious one. You can tack the word Śrī on to the front of a person’s name that you want to honor.  Śrī Devī, or simply Śrī, by itself is one of the names for Lakshmī, the luminous goddess of prosperity, beauty and alignment. Śrī Devī is an avatara of Lakshmī, who is the consort to Lord Nārāyana, and as such, she represents his śakti, power.


Śrī, as a feminine noun, means grace, splendor, wealth, prosperity, alignment. Śrī is all things good. She is resplendent, divine and full of grace. When you address a respected elder, you’ll want to add Mr or Mrs in front of the person’s name, Mr is Śrīmān (m.) and Mrs is Śrīmatī (f.). That honorific later became Śrī and is used to address illustrious saints and sages.

Nārāyana’s Śakti

Śrī Devī is Lord Nārāyana’s śakti, which means that she transforms the blessings of Lord Nārāyana into manifestation. In other words, she is his expansion. When you connect with Śrī either by chanting her name or by remembering her, she bestows upon you strength and balance. Yogic balance is not a static process, it’s a fluid journey. The value of cultivating inner balance in yourself is that you intuitively know how to respond to any situation. And let’s face it some of what life throws at you is pretty tough. When you feel real connection with inner Śrī, you have your feet firmly planted on the ground no matter what.

Meditation on Śrīm

This month, create some quiet time and space for yourself. Sit in a meditative posture and say the word Śrī nine times slowly. Then shift to chanting the bīja mantra Śrīm. Chant this mantra 108 times. Feel the vibration in your body as you say the mantra. Allow your mind to absorb into the vibration of the sound. Go slowly, don’t rush, and feel the sound in your chest, in your throat and in your head. Sit quietly for 8 minutes, meditating on the name of the goddess. Pay attention inside and notice how the inner nāda, inner sound within, has amplified. Don’t make any meaning about this inner sound, just be with the feeling.
For one month, each morning, engage this Luminous Soul Method: Meditation on Śrīm and draw the blessings of the Goddess Śrī into your life.

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