The Strength of the Goddess

In the Devi-Mahatmyam, the Devī, goddess, is called into being by the gods for the protection of the world. Her birth is unique, in that each god directs light from his core to single meeting place and at that point she manifests. She is said to be incredibly beautiful, kind, fierce, loving, generous, protective and supportive; she is the Cosmic Mother. The word Devi derives from the Sanskrit root div, which means to shine. Devī is that luminous force that protects and nurtures you. When you suffer any form of darkness or difficulty in your life, it’s helpful to invoke the Devī and draw her benevolent protection towards you. As you chant a mantra to the goddess, you surround yourself with her protective light.


Namo Devyai Mahā Devyai Śivāyai Satatam Namah

The Devi mantra above says, we extend our love and respect to the great Goddess. By extending your love and respect, you ground in the feeling of the devi and fortify your own connectivity with spiritual light drawing the power of the Cosmic Mother into your life.

Say this mantra 9 x’s and be uplifted and strengthened in your connection with the light of the gods.

Photo by Thomas Kinto

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