About Manorama

Manorama grew up in a family of artists her mother, Marlene, was a sculptor, her brother, Carl D’Alvia, is a world class sculptor and Prixe de Rome recipient, her sister, Jennafer D’Alvia, and her cousin Nathanial Segnit, are both authors of fiction. Manorama Lives in NYC. She is a world re-knowned Sanskrit, Meditation and Yoga philosophy teacher. The founder of the Sanskrit Studies Method and the Luminous Soul Method. She is an adept healer with an interest in wellness and nutrition. She received her nutrition certification through IIN. Manorama Guides students in integrating the Sanskrit Studies Method and the Luminous Soul Method teachings into their lives.
“Sanskrit taught me to turn to nature. I draw my artistic inspiration from the natural world, particularly its repetitive patterns. I am fortified by the traditional teachings of Yoga that I was privileged to learn and grow in.” ~ Manorama


Designer’s Statement About Surya Jewels:

I hail from a family of artists. Throughout my childhood, my mother nurtured my siblings and my connection with art. She placed art supplies in every corner of the house: Pencils, pens, paper, paint, clay. We were encouraged to create. In our living room, everywhere you looked there were books on creativity. Art lived in our lives, on a lazy Sunday, on a busy Tuesday and all the days in-between. Our mother’s desire to support us came from her wounding. As a child she herself was highly artistic, drawn to sculpture, but she was never given the support she needed to pursue that dream. Ever since I can remember, she wanted to make sure that we had that kind of support.